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The Roman Canon: An Interlinear Translation

The Roman Canon: An Interlinear Translation

Romanitas Press

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Discover the importance of the Latin words of the ancient Roman Canon! This new work by Craig Toth gives a literal translation of the Latin text of the Roman Canon and other prayers.

The aim of this small work is to help the serious student of the traditional Roman Mass gain a richer textual knowledge of four elements from the Missal: the Roman Canon, the Church’s great Eucharistic prayer; the Prefaces, which once constituted the beginning of the Canon; the five Sequences; and a Collect.

At first glance the contents of this book may appear to be merely of academic interest. But in fact, devotion to the sacred mysteries of the Holy Sacrifice as uniquely presented by the Roman Mass can be increased through a better appreciation of the precise Latin wording employed. Thus, the information contained within this work is both significant and accessible for even the average Catholic.

The Latin texts from the Roman Missal have been uniquely arranged to correspond with an interlinear English translation, thus providing the reader with a literal word-by-word explanation, along with copious footnotes providing further observations.

Also included are some explanatory chapters on important contextual material about the Canon (e.g., Style and Idiom of the Roman Liturgy), along with two appendixes, and a Glossary of Select Terms.

246 pages, illustrated, softcover.

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