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Server's Mass Responses Card

Server's Mass Responses Card

Romanitas Press

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For the traditional Latin Mass. This unique card can be used as:

  • an easy training guide for learning or teaching the Latin responses
  • or as a memory aid for the acolyte while serving

The response card has been carefully compiled to ensure its English phonetic rendering conforms with the more romano (liturgical) Latin pronunciation prescribed to be used during sacred functions by Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI and other authorities.

The card unfolds into four double-sided panels and features:

  • Phonetics aligned under each Latin word (not strung out)
  • Special responses when serving for a bishop
  • Inline instructions for the gestures and reverences made with the responses
  • Helpful cues for the altar server
  • Rules on how the responses should be made
  • List of common pronunciation mistakes made by English-speakers
  • Panels specially arranged so card can be used while serving
  • Easy to read typefaces and layout
  • Black and red text
  • Heavy weight stock to keep card stiff while being held
  • Anti-glare varnish to give the card long life

Convenient 10.75 x 4.25 in folded size (folds out completely to 17 in wide).

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