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A Latin Guide for Priests: For the Roman Mass

A Latin Guide for Priests: For the Roman Mass

Romanitas Press

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And Deacons, Subdeacons, Lectors, Acolytes and Scholae [Choirs]

Compiled by Louis J. Tofari

This unique compilation was developed for assisting priests to effectively learn the pronunciation of Liturgical Latin more romano at the traditional Roman Mass.

For the first time, English phonetics have been provided for all of the Latin texts of the Ordinary of the Mass (e.g., Kyriale, Offertory prayers, and Roman Canon), as well as a sample set of Propers (Feast of the Most Holy Trinity).

Many other parts have also been rendered phonetically, such as the titles of the Epistles and Gospels, names of the Apostles in Collects, and the Easter Vigil Lesson Lessons, and the various conclusions of Collects. This booklet also provides phonetics for the alterations at a Requiem Mass (as well as names and certain difficult words) and a Pontifical Mass, as well as the Leonine Prayers.

The initial concept of this guide for priests was expanded to include phonetics for the Ordinary parts of the other ministers, so that it would be useful for deacons, subdeacons, acolytes and even scholae (choirs). Also, the Preparatory Prayers at the Foot have been printed in large type so that the book can be used at this part during Mass by the celebrant, sacred ministers, or server.

The original contents of this book were also expanded by including information and documents related to Liturgical Latin, which previously had been scattered in many reference works, such as:

  • Liturgical Languages of the Roman Mass
  • Tones of Voice During Mass
  • Roman Pronunciation of Liturgical Latin
  • Sources of Pronunciation Rules
  • Pronunciation Rules of Liturgical Latin
  • Common Pronunciation Mistakes
  • Reading and Pronunciation of Liturgical Latin
  • About the Dialogue Mass
  • Extracts from Vatican Documents and Letters
This guide also includes many references, not only of authority concerning the more romano pronunciation of Latin, but also for further reading on certain topics or to become more proficient in the language itself.

Saddle-stitch softcover, 134 pages.
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